Jack Calverley Bio

Jack Calverley lives in Central London where he watches a very small patch of land struggle into gardenhood.

In even quieter moments he has been known to narrate science fiction stories for StarShipSofa, horror stories for TalesToTerrify and also hosted the now defunct CrimeCityCentral [online archive] podcast for its entire two-year run.

He is a member of the T-Party genre writers' group, and another group called WINOS, and critters.org, and (having attended three* online classes from the Odyssey Writing Workshops) is a member of the Odyssey online critique group.

* "The Secrets of a Satisfying Short Story", "Showing Versus Telling in Fantastic Fiction" and "Powerful Dialogue in Fantastic Fiction"

email: jc _AT_ eidoxis.com

Past interests have included:

ROOMS 3D Desktops

ROOMS 3D Desktops

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Odyssey Writing Workshops
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