Cookie arithmetic - 41 million human hours per year

I would say I get a cookie warning five times a day and click it away without reading it. Consumes, say, one second each time (try it). 5 seconds per day.

I'm online most days. Let us say conservatively 300 days x 5 seconds per day = 1500 seconds a year - twenty five minutes.

Adult population of EU around 300 million. Say, conservatively, one third are active internet users. Is my experience unrepresentative? I would not have thought so.

25 minutes times 100 million, equals 2,500 million minutes.

2,500 million minutes divide by 60 is 41 million [wo]man hours spent reacting to this implementation of "Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002".

What could usefully be done with 41 million [wo]man hours? — of course it's not really like that. But twenty-five minutes is a handy amount of time. Time enough for one small useful task. But these minutes are stolen from my life for no good purpose.

If some Web site owner is bent on abusing cookies, are they really going to ask? Of course not. So only the innocent are inconvenienced? Like that's never happened before.

Official Journal:


But stupid cookie rules are just the tip of the iceberg. There are bricks and mortar dictats too. Here's one picked at random. Did you know about the Three Crop Rule?

The Three Crop Rule at NFU Online

Tony Benn on the EU:

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