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UITSU - Science Fiction

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Seventeen all new science fiction short stories conceived in the trail-blazing spirit of Golden Age Dangerous Visions but written today from our present, for our tomorrows... pushing boundaries, challenging ideas, stirring up the lives of the characters so profoundly that each is forced to act, to make a difference... to make their own lives count in a world more advanced (or maybe not) than the one we face in 2024.

Thus Francis confronts a gift that refuses to stop giving, Kathleen embarks on a rural idyll that proves less than idyllic, and Matthew must cope when the geometry of space-time changes (all this without even touching on why UITSU is so-called).

Embark on a journey from the satirically dark to the fizzy and light, at times challenging the Laws of Nature; take some bold ideas for a spin in the variegated worlds of these 17 SF short stories and discover places you'll want to visit and characters you'll want to meet time and again and then some... but always pushing boundaries.

Provisional Contents

1. Uitsu
2. Walls Do Not a Prisoner Take
3. Au Naturel
4. The Fractured Past
5. Elhamat
6. Scavengers
7. The Slow Fuse
8. Tuning In
9. Bondieuserie
10. Happybot, Sadbot, Deadbot
11. Love Me, Love My Disease
12. Proud New Monkey
13. The Gift That Won't Stop Giving
14. Skipper
15. Space Hoover Pilot Wanted—Humans, AIs, Swarms Need Not Apply
16. A Word From the Dead
17. The Clockwork Heart

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Tinnitus - murder mystery


Introducing Moe Stone

It's August 1997. Four strangers are lured to three houses in Morricone Crescent at the heart of London's Notting Hill where four carefully staged deaths tie them together.

But who can work out what's going on?

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