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The Behemoth Legalis MindHack

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The Behemoth Legalis MindHack by Jack Calverley

The Behemoth Legalis MindHack
by Jack Calverley

In this science fiction short story the split personality of P D R Buchanan struggles to unify when two large warring corporates and their resourceful AIs stand against him.

A sample short story from the collection "Proud New Monkey, UITSU & more..." by Jack Calverley.

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TEN all new science fiction short stories (includes "The Behemoth Legalis MindHack") conceived in the trail-blazing spirit of Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions but written today from our present, for our tomorrows... in a world more advanced (or maybe not) than the one we face in 2024.

The future comes at you non-stop

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(NB Some outlets offer the collection under the alternative title of: "UITSU, Proud New Monkey & more..." Both have the same content and monkey-eye cover and both originate from me and The Logic of Dreams)

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